At Your Age

“At your Age.”

I’m sure we have heard these words more than once.  I’m not sure about you, but I bristle when I hear others use the declarative phrase, “At your age.”

I marvel at the psychic powers of others. I’m amazed by their commentaries, especially when they:

  • Haven’t personally experienced what I have
  • Know absolutely nothing about what they are talking about
  • Feel their opinion will change the situation

Way back when dinosaurs roamed this earth, and I was in the second grade, I remember our teacher telling all 26 of us, “Don’t look at anybody’s paper.” This has stayed with me for decades. TRANSLATION: don’t swerve into your lane, or if I need to be blunt, mind your own business.

Only We Know What Goes On At Our Age

Guess, what? Nobody but Fiercely50ish knows what it feels like to be our age unless you are our age! It’s a gift to be opened by only women our age.

So, instead of biting my tongue (I do have permanent scars from doing so) I prefer to take a positive approach to dispel friends, family and yes, even strangers when they feel compelled to use the phrase, “At your age…”


We Are Not Invisible

The same people that like to use “At your age” also think that people over 50 are O-L-D. Really? Aren’t we really just getting started? I hear frequently how women feel invisible after 50.  I don’t know about you, but at last check, I was unable to levitate and float in and out of walls. Translation, we are not invisible. And, should you think you are, here are some easy ways to adjust your mindset and be SEEN:

  • Change your makeup
  • Get a sassy new haircut
  • Have a heart-to-heart with your stylist and give yourself permission to get those highlights
  • Spruce up that wardrobe and wear something fun
  • Get serious about your fitness goals
  • Be Fiercely50ish

I am not defending who or where I am in my life, I’m proud and grateful that I am here. Who cares how old we are?

Age is just a number and what truly matters is how we are living our life. Are you happy? Are you healthy? Do you have a good attitude? Kudos! Keep doing this every minute of every day!

Big cheers to “At Our Age!”