Dump The Frump!!!

For years we’ve been told to ‘dress our age.’ But, what does this really mean?

My clients share their fears with me about their style.

And do you know what their biggest style fear is?

They look frumpy.

Have you ever declared the same sentence? You’re not alone.

It’s time to dump the frump, ladies!!

How To Dump The Frump

It really isn’t difficult. Yet it does take some commitment from you.

Let’s get started shall we?


Are your shoulders doubling as earrings? Where is your gaze?

As simple as this sounds, many of us don’t always practice proper posture.

Remember when it was thought we would stand up straighter if we had books on our head with a glass of water?

Good posture represents confidence! Yes, this is what we want.

And, as long as we are on the subject of standing up straight, are you wearing the right bra? Your girls should be upright and perky, no matter what their size. This is a good time to check your bra inventory.

Stop Wearing Baggy Clothes

I cannot stress this enough. My clients think they are hiding their imperfections and they are amazed when I tell them this simply is not the case.

When you wear baggy clothes you actually look bigger than you are. You have a beautiful body shape and when we hide it under ill-fitting clothes, we bring out the frump.

Embrace your body type and dress for the body we have today! What does that mean? Tuck in that shirt. Wear a belt.

You will look and feel so much better. A polished look means you took some time to create a confident and smart look.

Add Some Trend

Many times it’s as simple as adding some trendy items to your wardrobe. My clients are amazed at how they can de-frump their look with some fun shoes. And, by the way, outdated shoes can kill any look. If outdated shoes could scream, this is what they would say,” F-R-U-M-P!”

And, I already can hear your objections! I want comfort. News flash, ladies! You can find all types of stylish shoes that are comfortable! Trust me.

Think animal print or color when it comes to footwear.

Add a bag or a scarf to an existing outfit and wave goodbye to frump!

In fact, if you have taken my mini-course, The ABCs of Creating The Perfect Outfit Every Day, you would already know what a difference these pieces can make to how you get dressed!


This is such a fun and simple way to stop any frump from creeping into your style.

If you’re not a lover of accessories, start small. Wear some dainty earrings or a small necklace.

If you LOVE accessories (this is ME), maybe scale it back. I love stacking bracelets. So, to change it up I replaced them with a thick bracelet.

And, one more thing on accessories, did you know that when we wear matchy-matchy accessories, it makes us look older. You can match colors of accessories, but you don’t need to have a matching set.

Your Hair

My clients are surprised when I ask them about their hair. Yes, our style starts at the top of our head and goes to the bottom of our feet. So, hair is important when not allowing frump into your style.

If you’ve had the same hair style and/or color for five or more years, it may be time to change it up. Or, if you haven’t received any compliments on your cut or color, that can also be a sign that you may want to evaluate how you can change it up.

Talk to your hair stylist. If he or she isn’t excited about your desire to change, it may be time to find another stylist.

Please, please, please agree on a hair style that you can easily re-create when you leave the salon. Ask your stylist what you need to do and know. Think of them as your hair trainer! They want you to have good hair, you’re their walking billboard for new clients! If you don’t know, ASK!!!

You spend a lot of money on your hair and you should know how to keep the salon look between appointments!

Wear Makeup

An immediate way to look younger is to have a smooth complexion and that can easily be achieved through wearing some makeup. You don’t have to put on a lot-in fact, too much makeup and the wrong shades actually make us look older.

Throw on some foundation, a little blush, maybe some eye shadow, mascara and lip stick and you’re set!

Make A Spectacle

I love glasses! I may or may not have a lot of pairs. They are an accessory all on their own.

Instead of dreading our glasses, celebrate them. They can enhance our face and really add an element of fun to our style.

I tell my clients that glasses are like shoes-they come in pairs and can take your look from drab to fab.

You can now say goodbye to your fear of frump!!!!

Need Some Help With Your Style?

Let’s find out how we can work together! And, I’m offering 50% off of my regular style consultation. Your style is yours and there are many things that you must consider when you are ready to look and feel great!

Are you ready? I am!

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