Dust Settles, We Don’t


Settling Stops Here

It started at a young age. We were told to ‘settle down’ by parents, teachers and others who may have thought our behaviors were not becoming in a specific situation. THIS JUST IN!  Dust settles, we don’t.


What do I mean by this? It’s simple; we don’t accept this ageism thing as permission to passive acceptance.

This grinds my gears when I hear women from 45-years old and no longer breathing proclaim that at their age they are just up in arms about changes…they cannot do anything about it.

Nothing, and I mean nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s break this life-changing sentence down so we can fully understand how it applies to our situation:

You are right you cannot change your age. You can alter so many things today from your underwear to your gender, but as of today, age is not on the list. Many try and adjust their look because of their age, but at this moment in time, our real age cannot be reversed.

Now is Good


Why would we stop striving for good, better, best now? Now is the time to go stomp on the pedal. In fact, stand up and push down hard!  We have been trying, accomplishing, filling in our blanks for years. Some of you may have been doing it for others, but the fact is you have proven what you’re capable of and don’t stop now. Don’t you have more to do? I do!  You have worked hard to perfect your expertise, your zone of genius, and it’s time to put it into A-C-T-I-O-N. Don’t you dare stop now!

Success doesn’t have an age.

Yes, age brings perspective. I like to think of it as getting hit in the head with the smart stick and using it to make s#*t happen.

Three Ways to Stop Settling

Try these three ways to stop settling, and see what happens:

  1. Remove obstacles. How do you do this? Simple! Start with letting your voice be heard. If something is bothering you, let others know. Choose your words wisely, but make sure your message is heard and heeded. Communication is a powerful tool, and it meant to be used. As my husband tells me on a regular basis, “Susan, as hard as I try, I am unable to read your mind.”

2. Get out of your head. Sometimes we hold ourselves prisoner and don’t realize we have the key to open the cell. Sound familiar? Give yourself time to dwell, obsess, and eventually land in the What Are You Going Do About It.

3. Live your life, nobody else’s life. Please, please, please stop comparing who you are to others.  Comparison robs us of joy. We are no longer at the lunch table with mean girls in junior high (again, now called MIDDLE SCHOOL for those who may be reading this that are under age 45). Comparing is a huge time suck. Instead, admire others. And, then adapt those traits you admire into your own life.

Living Well is the Best Revenge

I learned a long time ago that living well is the best revenge.  Success and happiness reside in you. Find it, work it and repeat.

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