I No Longer Wear My Shoulders as Earrings

Hello, Fiercely50ish peeps!

Sometimes it takes me awhile to grasp concepts. And in the process, I torture many with my incessant questions. Hey, as a writer I need to understand topics front to back, back to front, the short, middle and long version. And, how does one do that? Asking questions. Do you agree? See, what I mean?

Practicing and Preaching

I should amend the above paragraph. I do and can grasp many concepts; implementing them can take me longer than most. I’m sure it may have something to do with how stubborn I can be, or that I learn on my own time. One of my opportunities to get right this year is to accept new ideas and challenges with an open mind, paired with a realistic learning curve. So far, it’s been life-changing.

You know why? Because I don’t need to do everything ALL AT ONCE and you don’t either. I’m sure I’m in the minority of the rest of you Fiercely50ish superstars since it has taken me a very long time, feels like centuries to practice what I know I preach.

When I used to be a resident of the land of hurry-up, it fueled my compulsion to do more, faster, better and the gas that filled this toxic engine was full of fear and stress. I was in a hamster wheel obsessed with achieving something that in reality, matters nothing to others. Stress, party of one, your table is ready.

Confidence Wins Every Time

I no longer wear my shoulders as earrings. I have confidence. Confidence brings clarity. Clarity brings perspective. Perspective can create change. Ahhhhh…cue the yoga poses.

Seriously, I no longer second-guess myself and turns out it this confidence is directly connected to my shoulders. Guess what? I no longer wear my shoulders as earrings. They never matched what I was wearing and were hard to remove.

I now throw my shoulders back and approach each day as if I am Wonder Woman ready to save the world. Putting my shoulders where they belong has improved my posture and makes my boobs feel perkier-I think of it as an instant breast enhancement with no surgery or recovery.

I allowed stress and worry to have a front row seat in the movie of my life for way too long. I owe my shoulders an apology.