Making Up with Makeup

Makeup Obsession

Learn how to rock makeup as a Fiercely50ish woman

I have been obsessed with makeup since I walked into a Merle Norman studio with some of my 13- year-old soon-to-be makeup junkies for our very first ‘makeover.’ We were hooked. In fact, we were so hooked that the makeup artists (that’s what we called them, I promise) had to limit our visits.

We were so sad and didn’t understand why we couldn’t be made beautiful every Saturday afternoon. Of course, we bought nothing. Took me years to connect those dots.

I do remember somewhere in my 40s that my face and skin started to change. You know, the type when you don’t recognize your reflection? I think I may have cleared out an entire elevator when I realized the woman leering back at me was indeed me.

Making up with Makeup

I get a lot of questions about makeup protocol for midlife women. As you may imagine, I do have some thoughts about this and I want to share them with you in today’s blog.

Before we start, I will share that I use a variety of different products. I love many brands of makeup and together they all seem to work. Until they don’t, I will switch it up.

Here’s what I know:

Skin Care

We can spend money on as much makeup as we want, but if our skin isn’t in the best condition it can be, makeup will not cover that up. If you’re a visual person like me, this is how this goes down: creams, primers, concealers and other potions will find wrinkles and take up residence.

It is important to have a regime for your skin. Whatever you’re doing, keep it going and perhaps add an anti-aging cream or anything that adds to the hydration of the skin.  Menopause and aging suck the moisture out of our skin.

My favorite skin care products are:

Aveda Botanical Kinetics  

(Natural and smells like heaven)

No. 7 

(Very firming and affordable)

They are not drying and I really like how they interact with my skin.

Less is Definitely More

No matter what products we use, we don’t want more on our face that we need. This applies  to foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick.

Let’s move on!

Building the Right Foundation

There are two important components to foundation for  Fiercely50ish women.

First, it’s finding the right hue best suited for your skin. Did you know that when you choose a foundation that is lighter, you are really adding some unwanted years to your overall look. Not what we are trying to do here. In fact, you can go a shade or two darker and it will create a more warm look to your complexion.

The second piece to foundation is to make sure it is non-drying. So, for me, that means NO POWDERS. Remember, we need hydration and there are so many great foundations out there that offer great coverage without making our skin look withered.

My favorite foundations are:

Clinique Even Better (they had me at Even Better)

Mary Kay CC Cream (great coverage and lasts all day)

The Eyes Have It

vector illustration

I love this. We have full permission to make our eyes pop. We want our eyes to be the focal point and the center of attention.

Make sure your brows are prominent and not the first to show up in the room. Thank you menopause for thinning eyebrows, but we can make them look a lot fuller while still natural.

Mascara is our new BFF, too.

My go-to mascaras are:

Aveda (natural)

Thrive (this will change your lashes-it’s like extensions without the money or time)

Because our eyelids tend to want to go South, it is a good idea to use a lighter color for a more natural look. I love to use an eyeliner in the same color family as my eye shadow or cream and it really draws attention to my eyes.

Eye color I love:

Mac Longwear Paint Pot

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow

Don’t Make Them Blush

We need color, but we don’t need as much as we think we do. Again, less is more. I love a cream blush, adds to the hydration look. I also am a believer in a natural look and want my blush to be an enhancer and not a billboard.

My hands down favorite blush is:

Nars Multiple

I now use South Beach in this and switched from Orgasm-seriously really just wanted to write that in a sentence. Thank you for indulging me.

Lip Gloss Makes Everything Better

Fiercely50ish Makeup

I think I’ve known this since I wore the Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. My fave was Tootsie Roll, what was yours? Anyway, I love lipstick. I am a believer that if you have a color that looks fantastic on you, wear it.

I’ve tried many times to outline my lips with lip liner and it has not ended well. So, my go-to makeup to seal the lipstick deal is lip gloss. Again, it gives a fresh, hydrated look and makes your favorite lip color pop even more!

My choices for great lip gloss are:

Mac Lipglass

bare Minerals Gen Nude

Stay beautiful!


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