Mirror, Mirror

Spring has finally arrived. Warm weather, longer days, summer is in sight and an overall spike in our moods-delightful!  These beloved seasons signal a big change in our wardrobes. A question always pops into my head, and I find myself showing great restraint (remember, when I shared that I have scars on my tongue from biting it?), to not ask total strangers: “Are mirrors your friend or foe?”


The content in today’s blog is the opinion of Fierely50ish. No harm, no judgment (well maybe a little) or ill-will intended. Thank you!

The Art of Dressing Responsibly


If you’ve been a faithful follower of Fierely50ish, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you are, you are fully aware that Spring and Summer are not my favorite fashion seasons. News flash, this is not about me, but wanted you to understand my slant.

The wardrobes drastically change for these two seasons. Fabrics are lighter, flowier, and tend to show a lot more of us than say Fall and Winter.  A well-dressed woman, at any age, and in any season, knows her boundaries, accentuates her shape and is confident in her wardrobe choices.

What does this mean?

In the Fiercely50ish world, here’s how I interpret this:

  • How much does the outside world need to see of us?  I define the outside world to be anyone that is not living in your home.
  • Do the hemlines of your skirts, dresses and even shorts work for your body type? Remember, we are trying to lengthen our appearance when we make clothing choices.
  • Does your outfit look as good from the back as it does the front? Such an important factor, especially when making the best wardrobe choices.
  • How is the fit? Are you comfortable? Nothing tugging, scrunching or riding?
  • How are the shoes? Are they the right vamp?
  • How is the neckline of your outfit? Does it flatter your body type?
  • Will shapewear make a difference in your outfit?
  • What is your mirror saying?


In this time when anything goes fashion-wise, the final decision is yours. Fiercely50ish is simply offering some advice, encouragement and tips on looking your best.

Dressing the Part

I am really trying to avoid using the phrase, “Dress your age…” oops, I did it-sorry!  This has been an issue since we were small. How many remember our parents, grandparents or others letting us know that we were not dressing for our age. I see the hands going up. So, this is really nothing new.

As much as I love fashion, I have learned that because something is in style, it does not mean I have to wear this latest runway favorite. And, I have also accepted my issues with  body image, all 23 of them.

I’ll use myself as an example to clarify what I am talking about here.


My knees do not need to be shared with the outside world. They are deal-breakers. Shorts are a warm-weather staple. Typically your knees are revealed when wearing shorts-D-U-H! . I used to wear Bermuda shorts, but they weren’t the most flattering for my shape-they looked like capris, (and capris should not be a part of anybody’s wardrobe-more on this later) and I was so self-conscious about my knees that the misery I created around wearing shorts had to end, quickly.

This has been an easy fix. Now, I simply find pieces that work well with Spring/Summer outfits, while saving the outside world from seeing my knees. For me, that means replacing shorts and skirts above-the knee with leggings, jeans or skirts that fall below-the-knee. These pieces can go perfectly with a top or even a dress. Add some great shoes, bracelets, necklace, earrings and a purse, and you are ready to go.


The same can apply to color. Blush and lavender are the I-T colors this season. Great! These are not the best colors for me so I either pair them with a darker sweater, jacket or blouse as I showed you in the Spring Forth  blog. Or, choose to incorporate these fun colors as part of your accessories or shoes. Bam! You are a trendsetting Fiercely50ish fashion goddess!


I always laugh about using the word fit in the Spring/Summer seasons because my husband says I usually throw a fit when I see a style fail. I plead my case and say I’m not having a fit, others are not adhering to the proper fit.

Here’s another tip which is really true for every season, but seems more relevant in the warmer weather. Unless you are Thumbelina-TRANSLATION, this is a popular fairy-tale of a tiny girl with big dreams; you should not shop in the Juniors section. This is not a judgment call, I am here to help and educate.  Junior sizes are cut for prepubescent girls who have vastly different dimensions since they are still evolving in their physical development. The sleeve lengths, rise of the pants and other important elements of the clothing cuts are much different than adult sizing.



Listen To Your Mirror


Remember when I mentioned earlier in the blog to listen to your mirror? I’m sure you thought I was crazy. Not only should we look in our mirrors, we should listen to them. They know best. They don’t lie. They want us to look outstanding. They have a lot to say, and they deserve our attention.



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  • Angie
    Posted May 3, 2018 11:51 pm 0Likes

    Hi, Susan

    Ooooh, I so don’t dress my age! I do listen to the mirror, though. Teen sizes fit better on me, so I feel free to browse their stores as if they were mine. I’m aware of my body type and dress accordingly. I stopped covering up and decided to make the best of what I have. As I grew older, I grew bolder, and I truly believe in showing your true self (your inner self that never ages; you know how that feels). I wear what I want within limits: the limits of my budget and of what looks good on me (or not). So I hope your readers will show off their good points while covering up the bad points. Thanks for opening up the discussion.

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