The Creative Fashion Persona Up Close and Personal

The Creative Fashion Persona

Having a Creative Fashion Persona, also known as the Trendy Fashion Persona, you love the latest trends! No surprise here. Nothing is out of bounds for you when it comes to putting your outfits together!

A Creative style personality puts together a wardrobe that is original, innovative and completely individual.

What You Like

A creative style personality loves beautiful fabrics such as hand-painted or printed silks and lace. You include suede, denim, corduroy, fur and animal prints into your wardrobe.

You are typically one of the first to wear the latest fashions. Surprise, you love to shop and are quite passionate about the world of fashion. You thrive on mixing colors, fabrics, textures, and prints. You’re the bravest of the fashion personas and are at your best when experimenting with your wardrobe.

Some of your characteristics include:

  • Individuality
  • Element of Surprise
  • Artistic

Mixing it Up! 

Your core style reveals your artistic, original and modern personality. Here are your elements of style:

  • Always donning a fun purse and shoes in crazy colors or prints
  • Mixing it up with fabrics and accessories that others wouldn’t consider putting together
  • You love, (almost obsessed) with vintage clothing
  • You never leave the house without  bold accessories
  • Being ahead of the trendy curve is who you are

What’s in Your Closet?

Your closet reveals your distinct styles. You’ll find lots of leopard skin pieces, hats, high-heeled shoes, skinny jeans, cold-shoulder tops and whatever is the latest trend on the runway. You have a wide array of clothing and accessories. Your closet contains everything from vintage dresses to printed leggings, the latest trend in jeans and an assorted variety of jewelry-think big and bold!

Where to Shop

The Creative Fashion Persona likes to find their eclectic clothing at:

Thrift Shops and Boutiques

Local Boutiques

Retail chains specializing in latest trends

We will get into more details of the Creative or Trendy Fashion Persona in other posts. You are a pioneer when it comes to fashion. You love to put colors, fabrics, and prints together that others would never consider. The more eclectic, the better. You pull it off with grace and style! See you soon.