The Power of the White Blouse

Hello, Fiercely50ish peeps!

I want to pay homage to an essential, yet often overlooked key wardrobe essential- The White Blouse! Let’s not forget the power of the white blouse!

There is so much going on with trends!  Skinny jeans, Boyfriend jeans, the peek-a-boo or cold shoulder tops, all great pieces in the current world of fashion. Yet, something so simple and a staple for decades is the White Blouse!

I don’t think the White Blouse gets the respect it deserves. The versatility of the White Blouse has infinite possibilities and can be buttoned-up, tucked in, flowing, and even alluring and downright sexy.

As a member of the society of Fiercely50ish, it’s all about REINVENTING. MIDLIFE. And, just like all of us, who I consider classics, matching our style with our attitude works well. The White Blouse is ageless!

We can all rock the White Blouse. It comes in all sizes. It can be the centerpiece of your outfit or merely an accent.

The White Blouse is multi-functional and can be part of any fashion persona.  Quick study guide moment here on behalf of the white blouse. It is so versatile and can be paired with so much!  The White Blouse can easily hang in the closets of ClassicsRomantics, Creatives and Naturals.

The Versatility of the White Blouse

Let’s take a quick look at how the white blouse can fit into all four fashion personas!

  • Classic-you can wear the White Blouse tucked into a pencil skirt, chinos or other fitted pants paired with a traditional belt and you’re ready for anything! Of course, you will want a tailored white blouse.

  • Romantic-throw a light, flowery scarf around the neck or use the scarf as a sash to cinch at the waist. Flowy and feminine are paramount to your look, so imagine how smashing you will look wearing this with some jeans The White Blouse looks smashing with some jeans or a flowing skirt of any length.


  • Casual-the white blouse can amp up the Casual Fashion Persona’s laid back style and still look great in jeans!

  • Creative– you trendy types won’t be disappointed in how the white blouse can be a great background piece to your eclectic and bold wardrobe!


Aren’t you amazed by the power of the white blouse? I encourage you to comb through your closets to find your white blouse, and I’m quite confident you may have more than one, and start incorporating this timeless gem into your fashion inventory!

And while you are rocking the white blouse, download these five simple tips on makeup! Enjoy.