The Romantic Fashion Persona Up and Personal

Welcome, Romantic Fashion Persona!

Here’s a quick visual of what a Romantic Fashion Persona looks like!

What You Like

You love, ok adore, everything soft, flowy and pretty.

Getting Your Feminine On

The Romantic Fashion Persona consider their clothing as part of who they are; sometimes flirtatious, charming and perhaps youthful. Oh, and I forgot your signature characteristic, FEMININE! You love an opportunity to dress up in dresses and high heels.

You are at the top of your fashion game when you are wearing lace, ruffles and drapey fabrics.

Romantics gravitate toward distinctive wardrobes, almost whimsical to reveal the fun and flirty element in their unique style.

What’s in Your Closet

You know you’re inside the Romantic Fashion Persona’s closet because beautiful soft silks, and other draping fabrics and flowing shapes surround you.  No surprise that this closet is full of more skirts and dresses, accentuating the waist and your other feminine (there’s that word again) curves!

You love prints, especially floral. You are fond of polka dots and don’t be surprised to find lace and chiffon occupying hanger space in your closet.

Skirts & Dresses Galore

Romantic Fashion Personas tend to wear your dress and skirt hemlines no higher than the knee. Clothes with any type of structure is not part of your style vernacular, as it is much too restrictive to your expressive and free-flowing movements.

You gravitate to swirling long skirts with floral patterns, silk blouses, pearls, and often antique jewelry.

If you wear pants, you like them with a fuller leg. When you wear jeans, you’ll make sure you add a top with a ruffle or two in a very feminine color.

Where To Shop

You tend to buy your clothes at:




Vintage Boutiques

Staples of the Romantic Fashion Persona’s Wardrobe

  • Skirts, primarily a-line, and ruffles
  • Dresses
  • Lace Tops
  • Antique Jewelry
  • Charm Jewelry
  • Headbands

Are you the Romantic Fashion Persona? We will delve into more later about this fashion personality.  IfyYou are a girly girl who loves everything pretty, soft and flowing, you are the Romantic Fashion Persona.  See you soon, fancy feminine types!