Wardrobe 101


Wardrobe 101 

How many of you walk into your closet and say, “I have nothing to  wear?” I did the same thing until I learned how to create the wardrobe that I not only love, but wear. This involves some work on your end. Sorry. If you want to stop the madness, I encourage you to keep reading. What I am about to share with all of you was a game-changer for me.

While shopping can be fun, therapeutic, even euphoric for many, creating your wardrobe is a truly a process.

Before we learn what to do, here’s a DISCLAIMER:

If none of this resonates with you, congratulations! You are to be commended for figuring it out and having a wardrobe full of clothes that you not only like, but wear. For those that have not learned how to do this, keep reading. 

Here’s how to create your best wardrobe.

Clean Your Closet(s)

Are your clothes in one or more closets? Do you have a good idea of what you own? This is key. I used to keep some of my new purchases in the bags they were so carefully put in by the sales- person, and I may or may not have shoved them in a super-secret hiding place, never to be seen again. Do I feel some of you nodding in agreement here?

I strongly encourage you to purge your closet  BEFORE any shopping occurs. How can you create the wardrobe you want if you don’t know what you currently own (these words can be used to Pink Floyd’s “Just Another Brick in the Wall”)?

And my definition of purge means removing everything out of your closet. A clean slate is the best way to start your new habit.

I review everything (tops, skirts, pants, shoes, scarves, purses, jewelry and coats) and make a sound and big-girl decision based on the following criteria:

  • Does it fit? And I mean really fit? For a refresher on this, click here
  • Is it the right color for me? (Now would be the time to rid yourself of your black clothing).
  • Is it still in style? 
  • When was the last time you wore it in public? 

There are a million and one ways to organize your closet once it’s rid of items that do not meet the above criteria. My suggestion is that whatever method you use, please, please make sure that you can see EVERYTHING and that it is accessible.  Remember, closets are not museums, they are meant to be functional.

Fiercely50ish Tip: If you are keeping anything for sentimental reasons, snap a photo of this piece, and continue to enjoy it for years. You don’t want it occupying real estate in your closet.

I can share with you that once your closet is truly clean, you will feel that you can conquer the world. Not only will your closet be clean and functional, you now know EXACTLY what you have.

I leave how you organize your closet(s) up to you. I like sorting by clothing type (tops, skirts, pants, sweaters) and then by color, sleeve length, etc. The point I am making is whatever works bests for you is what you should do.  I will remind you again that the most significant change you can make is that everything in your wardrobe is accessible. If it’s hiding in a bin, placed behind something, or out of reach, it’s not serving you well. Each item in your closet has a purpose.

Make a List


With an organized closet, you have a crystal clear view of what you need. It’s like when you clean your glasses, wow!

Organize your list by clothing type and be very specific. If you like a particular brand, include this in your detailed list. This will save you a lot of time and frustration trying on clothes. I have many of the same brands in various colors, and nobody knows but me. Speaking of colors, make sure you include the colors/prints you are looking for on the list, again it saves you from being distracted in your quest, and you will create a closet full of items that you won’t wear. We don’t want to do this.  Remember, you just corrected that and are on to starting new habits that will better serve your fashion needs.

Following a list also helps to stay within a budget, whether you’re shopping at a thrift store or a high-end boutique.

Congratulations! You are now free to shop. That is one of my favorite declarations.

Let us know how you did!







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    I keep this list on my phone, and it especially helps when I’m out thrifting!!

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