We Are The Oldest We’ve Ever Been

Think About It…

A friend and I were having lunch. She is 20 years younger than I am. Age came up in the conversation. We were sharing our perspectives on where we were in our lives, accomplishments, etc., and she said something that made complete and total sense,”I am the oldest I’ve ever been.”

I am the Oldest I've Ever Been

I have been mulling over her declaration for awhile. Think about it, it is certainly a true statement. And then I thought some more (I tend to do that-ask my husband and he would share I overthink, over-analyze, beat it to a bloody stump).

Back to the blog…

Every age we’ve ever been is the oldest we’ve ever been, right? And, I don’t know about you, but each age I’ve been has not come with instructions. Think about it. Back in Junior High, (TRANSLATION FOR THOSE UNDER 45: MIDDLE SCHOOL) you knew you were going to start MEN-UUUUUUS-TRATING, but did you really know what to expect? How would it feel? How would you feel? Of course, that was quite obvious pretty soon. (I really was so excited to get it-I blame Judy Blume).

Sex-yep, sex. Talked endlessly about it, may have said we had it when we hadn’t. Bottom line, did we have any idea how it would feel? I’m raising both hands here. I had NO IDEA. And, some days I still don’t. I refer you to Dry Has Many Meanings.



My point is that it all comes to what we know, what we’ve done and how we slot it into our lives. I suppose you can call it experience. And building on experience comes perspective, and insight.

When we hit 45, we have amassed a stockpile of ‘insight.’ Some call it wisdom and some share it freely and unsolicited.

But when you really distill it down to what I opened this blog with, “We Are The Oldest We’ve Ever Been,” it’s un-chartered territory. Just like puberty, motherhood, marriage and the many other unknown frontiers we conquered without an instruction manual.

We Are The Oldest We've Ever Been

Let’s revel that we’ve arrived at this destination-the oldest we’ve ever been. Who’s joining this party?


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