What Are You Gonna Do About It?

As Fiercely50ish, I know that part of resolution, clarity and maintaining positivity in my life, is to continue to ask the question, “What are you gonna do about it?”

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I can get stuck, or more like frozen with fear as to how to move through a challenge, obstacle or whatever is holding me back from moving forward.



How Do You Deal With Challenges?

Challenges are not always easy for me.  It takes guts, grit to trudge through the sometimes uncomfortable stuff and emerge successfully on the other side.

This may include :

  • Discussing
  • Dwelling
  • Mulling
  • Over-analyzing
  • Beating the dead horse again, and again, making certain it isn’t breathing

Depending upon the topic at hand, we set the microwave timer, and the person (usually me)  is given the opportunity to  bitch, moan, cry, swear, and get the ‘stink off.’


Don’t Spend Too Much Time!


When the buzzer has announced that time is up, the ultimate question presents itself, “What are you gonna do about it?” And, it is up to us (usually me) to start the process of getting whatever is bothering me or preventing me from moving forward with an action plan.

As a woman (yes, I’m stereotyping here), I feel it’s a trait we possess, to perhaps stress, worry, freak out over trivial items for a REALLY LONG time. This REALLY LONG time can then morph into the pending which only propels me to be even more stressed and worrisome and  that equates to no forward movement.  Pending is not a word we use in our house.


So Many Options!

Hence, “What are You Gonna Do About it” stands majestically before us. When we break it down into simple terms, sometimes difficult for me since I have so many voices, images and other uninvited distractions in my head, constantly, our adventures, experiences, life lessons, whatever we call them, are stories. They have beginnings, middles and ends. And, this has really helped me muddle through, in many instances, it’s not until I Do Something About It that I am mentally capable of moving on to the next adventure.

Pending closes the door on opportunities that make us stronger, smarter (if that’s possible) and even more Fiercely50ish. So, I encourage all of you to add the “What Are You Gonna Do About It”  to your current issue, challenge, uncomfortable situation and see where that takes you.

Cannot wait to hear “WHAT YOU ARE GONNA DO ABOUT IT!”