Why Aren’t We As Skinny As Our Eyebrows?

I hear from many of you, “Where have my eyebrows gone?” That’s a great question. And, I have a lot to say about eyebrows.  In the spirit of re-framing, here’s my question, “Why can’t we be as skinny as our eyebrows?”

Back to finding out where our eyebrows have gone. Studies reveal various answers. Some blame years of over-plucking as the culprit of the vanishing hair. While other studies point to our great friend, Menopause, for stealing our eyebrow hair. Thank you for changing hormone levels. As they plummet, the eyebrow hair follicles become weaker and thinner, slowing down the growing process. Why can’t this be the case for our chins? That’s another blog.

So Now What?

Now that we know why we have diminishing eyebrows, what’s next? You know, as in what are you gonna to do about it?

Thank you over-plucking and menopause for possibly contributing to our eyebrow plight. I am here to help you take charge of your eyebrows! Are you with me?? Let’s get started.

Your Eyebrow Shape Should Enhance the Shape of Your Face

One of the makeup tips for all ages is to make sure our eyebrows are filled in and believe me; there are some fantastic products out there to do that. Let’s first figure out the best shape of eyebrow for your face. How can we color in the lines if we don’t know what we are coloring?

Don’t worry, Fiercely50ish is here to help.

Let’s get started! I am going to break this down into five different face shapes. Not sure of what type of face you have? No problem. All you need to do is pull your hair back off of your face, peer into a nearby mirror and determine what shape your face is based on the criteria I am going to give you below.


Square Face

You have a square face if:

  • Your forehead, cheekbones and, jawlines are approximately the same widths
  • Not to be redundant, your jawline is your most prominent feature (duh)

Best Eyebrow Shape for Squares

The goal is not to compete with the pronounced jawline and offer balance to this great feature. You squares look best with angled brows.



Long Shape Face

Very similar to the squares, your cheekbones, forehead, and jawlines are approximately the same widths. What makes you long is:

• Your face gracefully tapers to a narrow oval chin


Best Eyebrow Shape for Longs

The goal of your eyebrows is not make your face look any longer. A flat brow shape is your best option because this horizontal shape makes your long face appear shorter.

Oval Shape Face

You have an oval face if:

  • Your forehead is wider than your chin
  • Your cheekbones are prominent (lucky duck)


Best Eyebrow Shape for Ovals

The goal for oval faces is  not make your face look more oval than it already is. The optimal eyebrow shape for you is the soft angled eyebrow. This beautiful shape goes straight up and then gently curves round at the top and down.






Round Face Shapes

You have a round face if:

  • Your face is almost as wide as it is long
  • Your cheeks are your fullest feature



Best Eyebrow Shapes for Rounds

You want to create a longer appearance, and you can do that with a high-arched brow. The highest part of the brow, known as the peak, creates a vertical line.


Heart Shape Faces

Almost identical to the oval face, with the following exception:

  • Your chin tapers to a point

Best Eyebrow Shapes for Hearts

Again, the goal is to balance, and your best shape is a more rounded, low-arch brow. This shape accentuates and compliments the feminine features of your face.




Start filling in your beautiful brows!



  • Laura
    Posted April 4, 2018 10:12 pm 0Likes

    Thanks, that’s helpful! I like to get henna on my brows—usually too dark the first or second day and then it looks great. Or Bare Escentuals eyebrow filler is pretty good. I tried permanent makeup on my brows—do not do it!!

  • Robin
    Posted April 20, 2018 5:27 pm 0Likes

    I want to come and have you make me over!

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